Fat Quarter Project: Two-Zippered Crossbody Bag

After I did my first fat quarter project, I found it fun to do sewing projects with the fat quarter fabrics.  You got to be creative with a piece of not-so-big fabric and you will want to make good use of the whole piece by making sure you cut your pieces in the right place.  

My new fat quarter project is a two-zippered crossbody bag for my soon-to-be 4-year-old nephew.  He always likes to “play” with his mom’s crossbody bag.  So I decided to make him his own and I would have some sewing fun at the same time.

Here’s the tutorial:


Materials Required:
– 1 piece of fabric measured 18″ x 7″
– 1 piece of lining fabric measured 18″ x 7″
– 1 9″ zipper

For back pocket:
– (Upper part) 1 piece of lining fabric measured 10.25″ x 7″
– (Lower part) 1 piece of lining fabric measured 7.25″ x 7″
– 1 9″ zipper

For strap:
– 1 3″ D-ring loop
– 1 3″ strap slider
– 1 piece of fabric measured 5″ x 2.5″ (to hold the D ring loop)
– 1 piece of fabric measured 5″ x 57″ (the strap):
   (*) You will need to cut 2 or 3 pieces of fabrics (5″ wide) to make 57″
   (**) It doesn’t have to be exactly 57″ long.  You may cut the length you prefer.

Zipper to back pocket

First, sew the zipper to the back pocket parts.  Leave some room at each end.  

Back pocket to top layer

Attach the back pocket to the top layer of the back (or front if you want the pocket in the front) of the bag.  

Back pocket lining

Seam the bottom of the back pocket.  Leave the sides unseamed.

Zipper to opening of the bag

Attach the zipper to the opening of the bag.  Leave some room at each end – it will make it easier to attach the straps on later.


Fold the strap pieces and sew from the wrong side.  Turn the right side out.  Iron the strap pieces so they will look nicer and be easier to insert in the D-ring loop and the strap slider.

Tools to turn fabric tubes

I used a straw and a stick to turn the strap tube.  (Follow this tutorial to turn a fabric tube.)

Front of the crossbody bag

Attach the strap to the bag (I forgot to take a picture of this process as I was struggling to figure out the best way to place it).  Sew the wrong side of the top layer and lining in their wrong sides (Leave a small part of one side of the lining – just enough to turn the right side out).  Turn the right side of the bag out and seam the rest.  

Ta-da!  Here’s the two-zippered crossbody bag I made.

Back of the crossbody bag

Take a look at the back of the bag!  It’s pretty nice!  

Hope you enjoy this tutorial!  Feel free to feedback and share your projects!  Happy sewing!! 🙂