Singer 7258 Stylist Unboxing

I’ve been quite into making projects with a sewing machine lately, even though my sewing machine skill is fairly limited.  I have been using an old Singer model, which was bought in 1998.  It’s still working okay, just that I get thread jams quite often.  While I was searching for service locations to have a sewing machine maintenance (which costs more than $50), I spotted a very good deal on Amazon‘s Prime Day Sale couple days ago.  The Singer 7258 Stylist which costs CDN$360 at regular price was on sale for only $118.  How can the lady resist such a great deal?!  So here I am sharing the unboxing of my new Singer 7258 Stylist sewing machine!

Singer 7258

I was so excited when the package arrived in just 2 days.  Can’t be more impressed with Amazon!

Singer 7258 vs Old Singer

The Singer 7258 Stylist is a little narrower than the old model.  It is not too heavy in weight.  Comparing it with the old model, since this is a computerized machine, some of the dials are replaced with the buttons.  The reverse stitch button is smaller.  The clear bobbin cover plate is so great that I can tell how much thread is left.  It also has 2 spool holders, one vertical and one horizontal.  I also love the automatic tension, which I’ve been having difficulty adjusting with the old machine.

Singer 7258 Parts

The Singer 7258 Stylist has an option of sewing without the foot controller.  There is a start/stop button which the machine will operate without having to press the foot pedal.  The foot controller allows you to control the speed during sewing.  However, this machine also has the sewing speed control feature.  When I set it to the highest speed, I got the bobbin wound in seconds.

Singer 7258 Manual

The package came with some useful guides – the Quick Start Guide is a great quick reference for threading, bobbin winding and other quick start reference; the Instruction Manual has every single detail about the features of the Singer 7258 Stylist, along with some step-by-step instructions and tips of sewing buttons, zippers, embroidery and more; the DVD is a good intro of the machine.

Singer 7258 Vinyl Cover

It also comes with a rather flimsy vinyl cover, but it will probably give a little protection for the machine from dust if you like leaving the machine in an open space.

Singer 7258 Kits

Inside the removable extension table, there is an accessory box with some accessories that would be good enough for beginners (and even intermediate sewers).  It has a few presser feet – darning, zipper, satin stitch, blind stitch, buttonhole, straight stitch, overcasting, gathering, and rolled hem feet.  The 3 spool pin caps allow you to choose the best fit for your spools.

Singer 7258 Stitches

The VERY BEST thing I LOVE  about this machine is the MANY stitch patterns available.  There are some fancy decorative stitches which allows me to add some embellishments to my sewing projects!

Here I have listed some of the pros & cons:

– easy to use for beginners

– 100 stitch patterns
– option of sewing without the foot controller
– sewing speed control
– automatic tension

Really, I can’t think of any at this point.

I have to say I am very very impressed with the Singer 7258 Stylist sewing machine. 👍👍👍👍👍  Can’t wait to create sewing projects with it!!!! 😍😍😍