nanoblock: DoraemonSSS

Besides doing crafts, I also have another hobby (or addiction), i.e. nanoblock!  Nanoblock is builiding blocks that are tiny in size (almost half or quarter the size of regular building blocks like Lego or Mega Bloks).  There are a few reasons why I like nanoblock more than the regular building blocks:

(1) FUN!  The micro size of the nanoblock makes the assembly challenging.  Just because it’s challenging, it is FUN! 😝
(2) The finish products of nanoblock are usually no bigger than palm size, which make storage or display easier.  
(3) 💰 – nanoblock is much cheaper than regular building blocks.
(4) Selections: nanoblock offers a wide variety of products, although I’m more fond of the 3D characters.  

Here, I’m sharing 3 of my collections of the nanoblock.  They are all Doraemon, my favourite cartoon character, in different sizes – large, medium and small.  The smaller two are smaller than palm size, whereas the biggest one is about 7-8 inches tall (it consists of 2000+ pieces of nanoblock).  

(I really ❤ this picture…it kind of reminds me of mother goose with its goslings! 😂😂😂)