Fat Quarter Project – Short Wallet

What is Fat Quarter? 

Fat Quarter is a pre-cut piece of fabric that measures about 18″ x 22″ (in metric: 45.7cm x 55.9cm).  It is cut out from a yard (about 36″ x 44″ or 92cm x 112cm) of fabric, half in both length and width, i.e. 1/4 of a yard.

Fat Quarter Fabric


Fat Quarter Project – Short Wallet

Recently, I went to a local fabric store and they had a sale on for fat quarter fabrics.  My eyes were caught by a piece filled with cute kitties.  I couldn’t resist the cute pattern as well as the low prices, so I got it!

Then I thought what can I do with this fat quarter piece of fabric?  I decided to make something that I can use every day.  I always like wallets that don’t take too much space of my purse or bag, and as thin as possible but can carry a reasonable number of cards plus coin changes.  It’s not easy to find a perfect wallet in stores.  I once had one that I liked from espe, but they are quite pricey and I don’t find the latest products as fascinating as before.  So I decided to make my own wallet with this fat quarter fabric.

With inspirations from my past possessions, I came up with a pattern for a wallet with 6 card slots and a coin pouch at the back.

Wallet Pattern

(A) Cover: 
– 12cm x 25cm
– 11cm x 25cm
OR 23cm x 25cm (fold in half by leaving 1cm for folding in the bottom edge.

(B) Coin Pouch:
– 12cm x 10cm (for the pouch that attached to the lower part of the zipper)

– 9cm x 10cm (attached to the upper part of the zipper)

(C) Card Slots:
– front slot: 6.5cm x 21cm

– back slot: 16cm x 21cm
– middle slots (2x): 7.5cm x 21cm

Wallet Front

So here’s my final product!  It’s not perfect, especially with my poor skills of the sewing machine, but I have some sort of ideas of what I might modify to create my PERFECT WALLET!

Wallet Back

The back of the wallet, with the zippered coin pouch.Wallet Inside

Inside of the wallet, with 6 card slots.




With a fat quarter of fabric, beside a short wallet, I could still use the left-over fabric and make this pouch that measures 13cm x 15cm.